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Sales & Customer Experience Training

Sales & Customer Experience

Successful Account Management in Practice

2 day

It is during challenging times that account management professionals require new ideas, reinvigorated approaches and quicker results. This programme is designed to uniquely achieve this for you and your business.

Course Objectives

  • Develop your ‘Account Management Skills’ with your existing clients to ensure you protect them from your competitors, you become their natural ‘partner’ and leverage maximum business in challenging markets! 
  • Develop your personal key account management strategy to enable you to prioritise your time with key clients, generating results
  • Understand Covey’s gold time principles, in order to plan your approach and free up time to focus on client income generating activities
  • Develop practical networking skills in order to build personal confidence and influence in everyday situations
  • Understand, identify and overcome your ‘limiting paradigms’ towards challenging times and develop successful strategies for uplifting your performance this year and next

Course Agenda

  1. What makes successful Account Management strategy – who are your key clients, your biggest advocates, where are you vulnerable, who is missing from your network?
  2. How do you maximise your key client relationships and build ‘partner’ status through effective client profiles and plans
  3. Understand and use key strategic account management techniques such as Visual Network Analysis, SWOT, PESTLE and Cost Benefit Analysis
  4. Understand and use Covey’s ‘Gold Time’ technique to maximise client income generation activities
  5. What makes an effective networker and what opportunities are there for you to enhance your networking skills
  6. What ‘limiting beliefs’ do you naturally foster in challenging markets and how do you identify and overcome your ‘inner voice’ in order to proactively implement a successful account management strategy. This includes understanding what constitutes ‘invisible value’ and delivering an exceptional client experience as account manager.
    Skills Practice throughout and Personalised Action Plans to ensure learning is transferred back to the workplace with immediate effect

Business Needs

Improved sales performance and customer retention.

Knowledge Level

Account Management professionals looking to take their existing tools and techniques to the next level.

Recommended Reading

7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey Awakening the Giant Within - Anthony Robbins

Other Info

Having completed this ‘Successful Account Management in Practice’ programme, we would suggest the account management professional attends the ‘Extraordinary Client-Centred Selling’ and/or the ‘Advanced Extraordinary Client-Centred Selling’ programmes dependent on their role and after a period of time in the field, practicing their new found skills.
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