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Sales & Customer Experience Training

Sales & Customer Experience

Customer Care

2 day

At the end of the workshop participants will be able to return to their branches with a constructive approach to customer service which will improve the quality of service provided to customers.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of quality customer service and the impact on the customer and the business
  • Project a quality image of the company when communicating with customers
  • Generate empathy and trust between staff and the customer
  • Demonstrate the key skills required to deal with customer enquiries and complaints effectively
  • Produce an action plan for improved customer service

Course Agenda

Introducing a Customer Service Culture

The concept of customer service culture is discussed and the participants` awareness is heightened to the benefits of a customer driven organisation.

Session 1


  • Personal objectives
  • Programme objectives

Session 2

Syndicate Exercise: Defining Customer Service

  • Participants to discuss and define what quality customer service is, why it is important to the customer, the company and some of the barriers to providing a quality service and how they may be overcome
  • Analysis and review of exercise

Session 3

Syndicate Exercise: Good & Poor Customer Service

  • Participants will be asked to prepare a presentation on their experience of good and poor customer service practices
  • Participants to deliver a presentation on good and poor customer service
  • Trainer leads a review of each presentation, summarising the key areas of quality customer care

The Key Areas of Customer Service

The following presentations and exercises will begin to establish the customer service standards that will be implemented back in the branches.

Session 4


  • Participants will identify, discuss and understand the expectations of the organisation’s customers

Session 5

Syndicate Exercise: Customer expectations

  • Participants to discuss and prepare a group presentation on customer expectations and the high level of service the company should offer to satisfy and exceed those expectations
  • Trainer will review the key customer service standards

Session 6

Video: `In the Customer’s Shoes`

  • Review and Summary of key learning points

Session 7

Effective Communication Skills

  • Covers the key communication skills of questioning, listening and body language required to successfully interact with our customers

Session 8

Handling Customer Complaints

  • How to handle the angry customer
  • Participants will practise dealing with customers who have a complaint or are unhappy with the service being provided
  • On-going feedback will be given to the participants on how they are dealing with the customer complaint and plans agreed to improve individual skills of the participants

Session 9

Syndicate Exercise: Customer Service Action Plans

  • In syndicate groups the participants will come up with their ideas on how to improve customer service in their branch

Session 10

Review of course

  • Review of key learning points and action plan

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