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Sales & Customer Experience Training

Sales & Customer Experience

Advanced Extraordinary Client-Centred Selling

2 day

It is during challenging times that sales professionals require new ideas, reinvigorated approaches and quicker results. This programme is designed to uniquely achieve this for you and your business.

Skills Practice throughout and Personalised Action Plans to ensure learning is transferred back to the workplace with immediate effect.

Course Objectives

When you complete this programme:

  • You will understand client decision making methodologies at a much more deeper and effective level, giving you added confidence and sharpened skills
  • You will be consciously more competent, capturing buying signals and adapting your approach more than anyone-else in your market
  • You will close more sales and keep more clients!
  • You will have cutting-edge ‘Advanced’ selling skills, stronger client relationships and critically, the Strategy and approach to take you and your business into your ‘Best Year Yet’

Please Note – The critical ‘Core’ skills for sales professionals are covered on the accompanying programme ‘Extraordinary Client-Centred Selling’. This next ‘Advanced’ programme is designed to take these ‘Core’ skills to the next level.

Course Agenda

  1. ‘Advanced’ Communication And Cutting-Edge Relationships. Introduction To ‘Advanced’ Selling in Challenging Times… moving to your ‘Best Year Yet’!!
  2. Emotional Intelligence, your Personality Profile and Impact on your clients
  3. How Your Personality ‘Map’ Is Shaped And Influenced and how do you build your Flexible Strategy to influence and sell to different clients
  4. Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Influence in Business
  5. Critical Negotiation Skills to achieve a consistent ‘win/win’ outcome 
  6. Your ‘Best Year Yet’! – Strategic Selling in action and ‘World Class’ presentation skills

Business Needs

Improved Sales Performance

Knowledge Level

Experienced sales professionals looking to take their existing sales tools and techniques to the next level.

Recommended Reading

7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey 6 Principles of Influence - Robert Cialdini I’m Stuck You’re Stuck - Tom Ritchey

Other Info

Having completed this ‘Advanced’ programme, we would suggest the sales professional attends the ‘Successful Account Management in Practice’ programme dependent on their role and after a period of time in the field, practicing their new found skills.
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