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Personal & Team Development Training

Personal & Team Development

Stress Risk Assessment for Managers

1 day

To ensure you are able to support staff effectively and complete a team or individual stress risk assessment then sign up today. You will be able to: Understand the importance of the Health and Safety Stress Management Standards, the Law and its implications, roles and responsibilities of line managers relating to stress at work and the affects of different management styles.

Course Objectives

  • Adopt a Health and Safety approach to Risk Assessment in identifying sources of stress
  • State your legal and organisational responsibilities relating to Stress Risk Assessment
  • Identify the common causes/triggers of stress in the workplace
  • Identify the symptoms of stress within yourself, employees, team/s and the organisation
  • Managers will be able to identify the effects of different  management styles on the way stress is managed in the workplace
  • Identify the skills required to appropriately support employees experiencing stress
  • Describe how to respond to individuals under pressure and stress

Course Agenda

Welcome and Introductions

  • The difference between pressure and stress
  • Identifying individual, team and organisational signs and symptoms of stress
  • The law managerial, individual and organisational responsibilities
  • Management role and responsibilities relating to stress risk assessment and Health & Safety Executive Management Standards
  • Practical case studies


  • Management style, its impact and effects on the way stress is managed in the workplace
  • Identifying positive and negative management behaviours when managing stress
  • Management and communication skills to manage stress in others effectively
  • Managing emotions, yours and theirs
  • Empathy versus sympathy
  • Seeking additional information, advice and support
  • Planning and taking action

Business Needs

Completion of a Stress Risk Assessment, Management of Stress, Health and Safety Stress Risk Assessment Compliance

Recommended Reading

Strategic Stress Management, an Organizational Approach, London, MacMillan Business Press - VJ Sutherland and CL Cooper CL The Oxford Handbook of Organizational Well-Being, Oxford, Oxford University Press - S Cartwright and CL Cooper
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