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Personal & Team Development Training

Personal & Team Development

Performing Under Pressure

1 day

This course is about creating an environment in which the likelihood of becoming a victim of excessive pressure is minimised. It’s about developing a preventative approach by managing circumstances, situations and yourself. Discover ways that enable an effective response to the ever present pressures of life and work so that those pressures do not become the source of underperformance and stress.

Course Objectives

Primary focus is on increased awareness and ways to optimise performance pressure with a balance of preventative measures and essential guidance on overload coping strategies.

Course Agenda

  • What do we want and what stops us getting it?
  • A simple explanation of autonomic overload
  • Why pressure is good
  • What happens when we become overwhelmed?
  • Just how big a problem is this?
  • How do I recognise the overload early warning signs in myself and others?
  • Establishing a resourcefulness anchor
  • The value of imperfectionism
  • Your bill of rights
  • Being a broken record
  • The worry buster

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