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Management & Leadership Training

Management & Leadership

Performance Appraisal

2 day

This course has been developed specifically for managers in the Banking and Financial sectors. All of the case studies and examples are aimed specifically at this audience.

Course Objectives

  • To study Performance Appraisal Criteria and benchmark with best practice
  • To agree the importance of regular appraisal
  • To practise one to one discussion and feedback sessions
  • To learn how to agree and write performance goals and objectives
  • To understand the impact of our communication style in motivating improved performance
  • To develop the skills to write a development plan for each direct report

Course Agenda

Session 1

Introduction and Objectives

  • Delegate Introductions
  • Personal Objectives
  • What is the purpose of an appraisal?
  • Appraisal systems used in International Banks

Exercise: What system should we use?

Session 2

Situational Leadership

  • The concept of “maturity in the role”
  • Approaches:- directing, coaching, supporting, delegating
  • The implications of using an inappropriate style
  • How situational leadership impacts on the appraisal system
  • The “Skill” versus the “Will”

Personal Exercise: Delegates assess the “maturity level” of the members of their own team and consider what style of approach they are using.

Session 3

The Appraisal Meeting

  • Setting up the meeting
  • Managers’ preparation for the interview
  • Appraisee preparation for the interview
  • Structure of the meeting
  • Giving positive feedback
  • Giving negative feedback
  • Agreeing what has been agreed
  • Follow up after the meeting

Role Plays: Delegates will role play giving positive and negative feedback to an appraisee.

Session 4

Knowing Our People

  • Understanding different personality types
  • Social styles: amiable; analytical; driver; expressive
  • Getting to know the real person
  • How to influence the different social styles

Case Study: Identify 4 character types and plan a communication strategy.

Session 5

Agreeing Goals and Objectives

  • SMART objectives
  • Exercise on writing SMART objectives
  • How to handle the poor performer
  • How to target the “star”
  • How to improve the performance of the “average” performer
  • Monitoring performance

Case Study: An appraisal interview with a manager who has good results but whose style causes problems.

Session 6

The Development Plan

  • Writing a development plan for each of our direct reports
  • Course summary
  • Course evaluation

Action Plans: Delegates prepare an action plan committing themselves to changes that they will implement at their next appraisal interview.

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