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Management & Leadership Training

Management & Leadership

Getting the most from Competency Frameworks

2 day

All organisations aim to recruit the skills behaviours, knowledge and attitudes they perceive will produce success. As typically the largest expense a business has, the human resource needs to demonstrate the value it brings to the business both now and in the future. This programme provides insights and practical tools to assist organisations to define and measure competence against a tangible set of measures.

Course Objectives

By the end of this two day programme, you will be able to:

  • Define their businesses’ core skills, knowledge attitude and behaviour requirements for success
  • Act as a consultant advising your organisation on best practice
  • Identify the project plan for introducing and conducting competency gap analysis
  • Apply principles of competency and skills assessment
  • Measure existing skills, knowledge and behaviour present at varying levels in your organisation
  • Highlight competency gaps and performance issues
  • Advice on tools to assess and measure competency both in the current timeframe and future
  • Provide tangible data on the human resource capability

Course Agenda


8.00 Registration and morning coffee

8.30 Introductions and objectives

8.45 Competencies

  • Reviewing different Competency Frameworks
  • Core Competencies
  • Technical Competencies

9.30 Management and Leadership Competencies

10.15 Networking and coffee

10.30 Creating Job Maps

  • Defining expectations and standards
  • Testing perception
  • Using role models
  • Modeling current competence
  • Sampling

11.30 Linking Competence to Rewards

  • Performance related pay
  • Bonus-able rewards
  • Avoiding Halo and Horns
  • Balanced Scorecards

12.30 Networking lunch

1.30 Communicating the Process

  • Using project teams

2.15 Defining Measurement

  • Using Questionnaires
  • Working with scales
  • Observation & Assessment

2.45 Practical Exercise

  • Designing an effective questionnaire tool

3.00 Networking and tea

3.15 Setting expectations

  • Skills Objectives
  • Knowledge Tests
  • Behaviour Models

4.00 Working with Descriptors

  • Practical session to introduce delegates to real examples
  • Creating tangible and measurable indicators
  • Avoiding ambiguity or dispute

4.45 Personal action plans, summary, and close


8.00 Registration and morning coffee

8.30 Working with Evidence

  • Defining actions associated with the skills, knowledge and behaviours required

8.45 Designing Assessment Tools

  • Measuring skills
  • Identifying aptitude
  • Managing bias
  • Maintaining confidentiality

10.15 Networking and coffee

10.30 Collecting Data

  • Using tools
  • Highlighting anomalies
  • Reviewing descriptors
  • Ratifying & Validating results

11.30 360 degree Assessment

  • Managing the process
  • Choosing the participants
  • Sampling
  • Inviting external input

12.30 Networking lunch

1.30 Interpreting results

  • Highlighting organisational gaps
  • Identifying talent or potential
  • Reviewing mismatches
  • Dealing with performance issues

2.15 Handling Disagreement

  • Managing grievances re results
  • Appeals processes
  • Re-assessment options
  • Observation and feedback

3.00 Networking and tea

3.15 Gap Analysis

  • Reviewing the difference between corporate need and available competence
  • Strategies for closing the gap

4.00 Reporting to Stakeholders

  • Providing statistical analysis
  • Communicating plans
  • Securing support
  • Reviewing recruitment strategies

4.45 Personal action plans, summary, and close

Business Needs

Competencies, Performance, People Management, Skills Assessment, Staff Development, Talent Management.

Knowledge Level

Experienced Line Managers and HR Professionals.

Recommended Reading

The Competent Manager Richard Boyatzis
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