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Management & Leadership Training Courses

Management Training Courses - Leadership Development Programme

Management & Leadership Training Courses

An Introduction to Project Management

Learn how to manage a project using a tried and tested tools and approaches that maximise the likelihood of a successful outcome.

No dates available

Change Management

Change happens - from small shifts to large cultural upheavals - and few like it. By understanding change management, your key people can manage and support their teams through the transition process.

This course introduces a range of change management principles and techniques, including planning an implementation. It asks participants, based on their own experiences, to consider the human aspect, the pace and impact of change, and issues around whether it is voluntary or imposed. Participants can then move toward change in the most positive way.

No dates available

Coaching Skills for Managers

This programme enables participants to identify their preferences as a Coach and Mentor, identifying the range of skills required and their appropriate uses to dovetail with corresponding Learning Styles.

No dates available

Conflict Management

People who would benefit from improving their ability to handle conflict in day to day situations. It is particularly beneficial for managers who may be facing conflict situations for the first time.

No dates available

Cross Cultural Management

To help delegates understand different cultures and be more effective in conducting business anywhere in the world.

No dates available

Developing and Managing Business and Account Relationships

Support your innate people skills with a structured approach that gives focus and foundation to your business relationships.

No dates available

Developing Effective Teams

This module focuses on team development. Participants will be able to better recognise the characteristics of developing successful teams and how to implement a variety of approaches to best achieve this.

No dates available

Essentials of Strategic Execution

Strategic thinking is not a business problem, Leaders are not afraid or unable to think strategically, in fact we have found that ideas about strategy are pretty much free flowing.

A universal business problem is, the gap between these strategic thoughts and ideas and how to translate them into action and deliver the strategy objectives.

GP combine our knowledge and experience with our leading-edge work, to teach and embed a methodology which can truly shift the performance of teams and successfully bridge the gap between strategy and execution.

No dates available

First Line Management Skills

This workshop is aimed at staff that have had no prior management training. The programme is of benefit to those who are about to, or who have recently taken on their first line management role with people responsibility.

No dates available

Getting the most from Competency Frameworks

The workshop uses real life examples throughout giving delegates the opportunity to experience a broad range of approaches to competency, assessment and gap analysis.

No dates available

High Performance Business Coaching

This programme is an excellent introduction to coaching which will benefit those who find themselves in a situation where they are a business coach for the first time.

No dates available

How to Build a Successful Business Case

In a world where competition for budgets and commitments is fierce this course will give your business case proposals that winning edge.

No dates available

IEMA Associate Certificate course in Environmental Management (10 Modules)

Introductory Offer, this course only - price includes exam and IEMA membership

The IEMA Associate Certificate is designed to raise the professional competence of environmental practitioners by developing and assessing knowledge, understanding and application of environmental management and assessment. Successful completion of the certificate results in the award of IEMA Associate membership.

Modules 1 – 5                  
Modules 6 – 10                

To run this training as an in house course allows organisations to arrange training for groups of between 4 -16 individuals at their own premises or venue of choice. In house courses are, more often, considerably cheaper per delegate than public course prices, and can be arranged at times convenient to the needs of the business rather than being beheld to a public schedule.

No dates available

Influencing Skills

This programme is intended for anyone who needs to get others to do things by using their personal power and influence rather than relying on position or role.

It is particularly relevant for those involved in initiating and managing change.

No dates available

Innovation and Creativity

Why is it that most companies only capitalise on a tiny fraction of their people’s potential? This highly motivational Workshop will show managers and leaders in the banking environment how to generate more creative thinking, better problem solving and greater team effectiveness throughout their organisation.

No dates available

Key Leadership Skills

Develop a better understanding of your own approach to leadership, the impact it has on others and how to become the leader others choose to follow.

No dates available

Leading Through Communication

This workshop is designed for managers to enable the effective delivery of vision and strategic direction through comprehensive communication.

No dates available

Managing Change

Change is usually unavoidable but it need not be painful. Learn how to manage business change with less pain.

No dates available

Managing Effective Team Meetings

This programme is designed to build on the managers chairing responsibilities as head of a team and to utilise time at meetings to greater effect.

No dates available

Managing People

The aim of this course is to introduce the core concepts and skills involved in leading, managing, or supervising staff.

No dates available

Negotiating and Influencing Skills

This interactive programme will provide you with a skill set to assist you in achieving your aims and objectives through influence and negotiation with others.

No dates available

Negotiation Skills

This programme enables participants to understand the process of negotiation and also identify the influences that then come into play.

No dates available

Performance Appraisal

The aim of this workshop is to give managers the skills and confidence to carry out the annual performance appraisal in a professional and motivational way.

No dates available

Recruiting and Interviewing Skills

Increasing the assessment skills of managers who recruit to identify the crème de la crème of the modern workforce.

No dates available

Strategic Planning and Development

People who are moving into a higher level role within their business where they need to determine their company’s long term goals and then identify the best approach for achieving those goals.

No dates available

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