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Diploma in Financial Planning

Diploma in Financial Planning  - GPSL Training Consultants

The format of the individual units reflects the needs of today’s market for current, targeted technical learning. Modular in structure, the Diploma in Financial Planning allows you to develop a learning programme that fits with the busy demands of your working life and to choose units that are most relevant to your job role.


Entry requirements

You may take the Diploma units without having first completed the Certificate in Financial Planning (or equivalent). However, the Diploma will only be awarded where the Certificate in Financial Planning is held. Therefore it is advisable that people take the certificate units first.


How to obtain the qualification

To obtain the Diploma you need a total of 140 credits. You can carry forward credits from your certificate level. People can find out what their existing exams entitle them to from the CII, however, of your 140 credits, at least 80 must be at Diploma level.

There are at present a total of 8 short answer exams which make up the Diploma. From these 8 you can pick and choose which ones you think best suit your job role to make up your remaining credits. The choice of units is listed later in this document – note that the final exam (which was J08) is now R06 as it maps directly across to the new units.

People studying for this qualification need to be aware that they may need to undertake an element of ‘continuing professional development’ (CPD) knowledge gap fill to satisfy the FSA level 4 requirements.

Students who are part way through completing this qualification are able to combine units from this qualification and the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning – as long as they achieve 140 credits as stated above.

This qualification may be more suited to someone looking to progress and achieve their ‘chartered’ status however, it may eventually be phased out, so those starting on this path of study may be wise to consider working on the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning.


The units/credits (all at diploma level)

J01 Personal Tax 20 Credits
J02 Trusts 20 Credits
J03 Tax and legal aspects of business 20 Credits
J04 Pension funding options 20 Credits
J05 Pension income options 20 Credits
J06 Investment principles, markets and Environment 20 Credits
J07 Supervision in a regulated Environment 20 Credits
R06 Financial Planning Practice 30 Credits

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