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Financial Training Courses

Financial Training Courses, including Corporate Finance Training

Financial Training Training Courses

A Comparison of the International Financial Reporting Standards and the United States Accounting Standards

The convergence of the American accounting standards with the rest of the world is an important breakthrough towards developing a consistent and reliable set of rules across the world. The costs and confusion of preparing accounting results under one regime and then translating these results to another regime has created a lot of problems and disharmony in the past and has almost certainly reduced the quality of information that the shareholder/investor needs. The potential for confusion was recently highlighted, during the credit crunch when, investors discovered to their horror that certain financial institutions were able to report financial profits at a time when they were asking various governments for financial support to cover the hidden losses that they had amassed.

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APMP Accreditation Programme

The programme will comprise a five-day course in preparation for the APMP examination which would be taken by attendance at one of the APM’s open exam days.

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Corporate Credit and Cash Flow Analysis

A three-day practical training programme designed to help delegates enhance their analytical skills in:

  • Evaluating the credit standing of a company
  • Understanding how cash flow analysis unlocks and demystifies information that are critical to seeing the true picture a company’s credit standing
  • Practical view of understanding corporate credit risk issues

No dates available

Corporate Credit Risk Analysis Programme

The overall objective is to ensure that delegates have a solid grounding in theory as well as a practical view of understanding corporate credit risk issues.

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Credit Risk Fundamentals

A hands on and interactive credit risk workshop designed for financial institution, finance company, building society and bank staff who need to understand the first principles of credit risk and lending to small corporates, SME’s and Professional partnerships.

No dates available

Ethics and Governance Seminar

The aim of this course is to provide participants new to the organisation with an understanding of corporate governance.

No dates available

Executive Management Programme for the Funds Industry

The Funds Executive Management Programme is aimed at middle to senior managers. A typical candidate would have a minimum of 3-5 years experience in the funds industry, manage a team of people and have the potential to progress to more senior levels within the next five years.

No dates available

FSA Regulated Complaint Handling

This is a two day workshop aimed at both front line and back office staff who undertake a complaint handling function within a FSA regulated environment. It can be tailored to face to face or telephone contact and will be built around your company specific procedures, whilst also reviewing the FSA underlying principles.

No dates available

Fundamentals of Bank Credit Analysis

This course is designed to introduce participants to the evaluation of bank credit risk.

No dates available

International Financial Reporting Standards Workshop

The importance of new accounting developments

The Financial Crises Advisory Group, a body set up to examine the causes of the recent credit crises, has recognised that there are fundamental weaknesses in the accounting standards that must be corrected urgently. Already some changes have taken place; IFRS 9, a recently devised accounting standard now deals with financial instruments on a more consistent basis.

No dates available

International Restructuring Programme

This course will use current and past live case study examples to illustrate both good and bad practice in international restructuring situations.

No dates available

Introduction to Foreign Exchange

The aim of this course is to provide participants with the skills and techniques necessary to understand, analyse, measure and assess a variety of Foreign Exchange and FX Option Products.

No dates available

Restructuring Problem Credits

This course uses current and past live case study examples to illustrate both good and bad practice in international restructuring situations.

No dates available

Structured Finance

This course is an intensive, highly analytical three day course on structured products.

No dates available

Structured Notes and Reverse Engineering Workshop

In this workshop, we examine actual term sheets from Wall Street. For each structure we cover:

  • Definition - what is the structure called?
  • Example - using a real life example
  • Motivation - why would a borrower issue the note? Why would an investor purchase the note? Under what conditions, views or interest rates?
  • Pricing - how is this structure priced?
  • Sensitivity - how will the note perform under various scenarios (parallel shifts, flattening or steepening of the yield curve etc.) What about volatility swings?
  • Hedging - how can the bank hedge the option embedded in the note? What solution can the bank provide to a client who has purchased this structure?
  • Alternatives - what other structures are there which offer similar behaviour under various possible market conditions?

No dates available

Sustainable Finance Seminar

As the world economy emerges from recession, the objective of creating a sustainable environment is now increasingly recognised as a global business and economic priority. The international financial services industry needs to build its capacity to respond to the challenges and opportunities of this new landscape.

No dates available

UCITS for Hedge Funds

UCITS III regulation, issued by the European Commission (EC), provides that a UCITS structure may invest in financial derivative instruments. Products that are allowed under the UCITS structure are covered on the course as well as risk analysis.

No dates available

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