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Coaching Supervision: Supervision Essentials

3 day

The Supervision Essentials is a 3-day workshop and is the starting point for experienced coaches, mentors and consultants who want to develop a greater understanding and capability of supervision. This course sets out the core models and frameworks of the Bath Consultancy Group Coaching Supervision Programme.

This course sets out the core models and frameworks of the Bath Consultancy Group Coaching Supervision Programme.

Course Objectives

This Module aims at helping the participant understand and use the core models of the Bath Consultancy Group Coaching Supervision Programme, specifically:

  • Understand the nature of coaching supervision
  • Increase your personal authority, presence and impact with clients and supervisees
  • Understand and practice the CLEAR, Seven-eyed and Developmental models of supervision. So you are able to start supervising knowing how to structure the relationship and each session
  • Learn from giving, receiving and observing real-play supervision
  • Understand the overall shape of the programme and what you need to do to complete it

Course Agenda

Day One

  • Welcome Introductions and Course Overview
  • Setting Personal learning and development objectives
  • What and Why Supervision
  • Key aspects of Supervision & CLEAR
  • Contracting and Feedback: both for the course and its role in Supervision – including ethical issues and professional limits
  • Contracting and Feedback exercise in threes
  • Introduction to the Seven-eyed Process Model

Day Two

  • Review of Day One: Key Learnings and Contracting Day Two
  • Transformational Coaching and Supervision: 4 Levels
  • Creating the felt shift and working the relational spaces
  • Modes One and Two with practice in threes
  • Modes Three and Four with practice in threes
  • Modes Five and Six with practice in threes
  • Debrief Modes and the Day

Day Three

  • Review of Day Two and Contracting Day Three
  • Mode Seven: working with the wider stakeholder context
  • Integrating the seven modes of supervision in threes
  • The Developmental model and core concerns
  • Reviewing personal and collective learning and planning future development

Knowledge Level

Participants need to have 2 years (post qualification) experience as executive coaches before starting this course.

Recommended Reading

Hawkins, P. and Schwenk, G. (2009). The Interpersonal Relationship in the Training and Supervision of Coaches in Palmer, S and McDowell, A. (eds) The Coaching Relationship: Putting People First. Routledge: London Hawkins, P. (2009) Supervision in The Complete Handbook of Coaching. Edited by Cox, E., Bachkirova, T, and Clutterbuck, D. London: Sage Hawkins, P. and Smith N. (2006) Coaching, Mentoring and Organizational Consultancy: Supervision and Development. Maidenhead: Open University Press/McGraw Hill Clutterbuck, D. and Megginson, D. (2005) Making Coaching Work: Creating a Coaching Culture. London: CIPD Downey, M. (2003) Effective Coaching: Lessons from the Coach’s Coach. Texere Publishing, US

Other Info

Learning Path: The course can be taken as a stand-alone course or taken as the first module in the Coaching Supervision Programme Certificate. To complete the full certificate, participants choose two of the following four optional modules: Group Supervision for Executive Coaches, Group Supervision, Supervising in Teams and Organisations and Working with Difference. Participants must also complete the Advanced Coaching Supervision course, 2 tutorials, 10 hours of supervision on 50 hours of supervision practice. Additional costs are required for supervision of supervision, tutorials, a 360 and assignment marking. Tutorials = £250 each (including assignment marking); Supervision on Supervision = £125 per hour; 360 Feedback = £80
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