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Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Employee Mentoring Training Courses - GPSL

Coaching & Mentoring Training Courses

Advanced Techniques in Coaching and Mentoring Masterclass

The experienced coach/mentor rapidly becomes aware of the limitations of basic skills in these powerful developmental roles. The remedy is two-fold. First, review one’s own practice. Second, absorb new approaches. The outcome: you develop a wider and more effective portfolio of responses to different needs.

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Board Assessment and Development Planning

CA provides a unique service to help Boards and top teams assess their collective effectiveness and identify areas for development. Our approach enables individuals on the Board or executive group to step back and look at how they are operating as a team; benchmark against good practice to identify potential areas of development and to gain collective commitment to a shared development programme.

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Coaching Conversations - Team Coaching Programme

A series of facilitated modules which engage everyone in the team and allow the team to identify and deal with barriers to performance, as part of the learning process. 

No dates available

Coaching for Performance/Line Manager as Coach - Fundamentals

This workshop builds on your understanding of coaching and your level of skill in the role. It is primarily aimed at those who will be doing coaching on a formal basis, although it also helps the informal coach deepen their level of knowledge and effectiveness.

No dates available

Coaching for Performance/Line Manager as Coach Advanced

This one-day workshop is designed to be highly flexible and built around coaches’ personal experience in the role.  Coaches are asked to consider what they have found easy and difficult in the developmental role. We ask them to think about what went well and less well in their coaching activities. 

No dates available

Coaching Supervision: Group Supervision for Executive Coaches

This three-day programme is specifically designed for the supervisors of executive coaches. It is oriented towards group supervision of external independent coaches or groups of internal coaches working within an organisation.

No dates available

Coaching Supervision: Supervising with the Team and Organisation in Mind

This course focuses on how to supervise effective teamwork, facilitating teams to develop relationships with their internal and external stakeholders, developing supervision policies and practices within an organisation, and supervision of organisational development.

No dates available

Coaching Supervision: Supervision Essentials

This course forms part of the Certificate in Coaching Supervision, which is a modular programme that has been designed for maximum flexibility. Individual modules can be taken separately as Continuous Professional Development, but those wishing to complete the full programme should begin with the Supervision Essentials course. Click here for further information on the full programme.

No dates available

Coaching Supervision: Supervision Integration

The Supervision Integration course is a 3-day programme to finalise their Coaching Supervision Certificate. It enables participants to integrate and build on their progress as supervisors whilst reinforcing progress to date.

No dates available

Coaching Supervision: Transcultural Supervision - Working with Bias and Power

This course aims to ensure that participants have the skill and capacity to work more effectively in supervising people of different backgrounds (race, gender, class etc), effectively supervise the diversity aspect of their supervisees, develop a capacity for transcultural awareness and competence, both in themselves and their supervisees.

No dates available

Coaching the Team at Work

This one day masterclass explores the under-researched and examined area of team coaching outside of sport. Team coaching at work is frequently confused with team facilitation or team building and there is no significant body of published good practice to draw upon. David Clutterbuck’s book Coaching the Team at Work, the first in-depth study of team coaching outside the world of sport, forms the basis for this masterclass and aims to show how coaching can be a powerful approach to team performance and development.

No dates available

Consultancy to Develop a Coaching Strategy

CA can facilitate discussions to help organisations define their coaching philosophy and strategy.  This is most valuable at the start of a coaching journey, to set up any new strategies for success and to make sure that any strategy has clear objectives at the outset by which success can be measured.

No dates available

Developing your Organisational Coaching and Mentoring Strategy

Explore how to develop your coaching and mentoring strategy, build your understanding of what the component ingredients of a coaching and mentoring strategy could be and discuss how these could be implemented.

No dates available

HR Capability Development

It will be often be your HR partners who are identifying development needs within the business and we would see this group as key stakeholders within the process. By equipping them with more knowledge around coaching and/or mentoring is another way to ensure reputation management of the programme and ensure further sign up to the programme as it progresses.

No dates available

Introduction to Coaching Skills

This course has been designed to support your learning by building your understanding of coaching and your level of skill in the role.

No dates available

ISMPE Consultancy

As part of the outcomes of a mentoring programme, it will be important for you and your organisation to be able to demonstrate that the programme is well-designed, well-managed and contributing significantly to the development of the participants and the effectiveness of your organisation.

No dates available

Mentee Training - How to be a Mentee

We believe it is essential that mentees are trained. It is important that the mentee is able to play a proactive role in managing the relationship and the mutual learning processes.

No dates available

Mentor Training - How to be a Mentor

We can provide best practice training for mentors. This is an essential component to your programme so that participants have a consistent understanding of what mentoring is and why their organisation is launching this.

No dates available

Mentoring Consultation around the Design, Set-up and Evaluation of Programmes

We have found that when organisations are looking to launch, or further develop a mentoring programme, the time spent on the initial programme design and set up is essential to the programme success.

No dates available

Mentoring Programme Manager's Workshop

This two day interactive workshop gives participants a solid grounding in the basic elements of implementing an organisational mentoring programme, thus providing a foundation for building their own programmes.

No dates available

Shadow Boards (Developing Talent Step Up into the Board)

CA can assist in creating and supporting a Shadow Board by

  • Advising on process and procedure, and on selecting the Shadow Board members
  • Briefing the real Board on how to work effectively with the Shadow Board
  • Developing the Shadow Board’s understanding of the role of a director, the strategic planning process and how to establish and maintain a high quality dialogue
  • Facilitating the first two sessions
  • Reviewing the process and debriefing the learning

No dates available

Stepping up to the Board

A workshop for aspiring and newly appointed directors of public and voluntary sector organisations; and of subsidiary boards.

No dates available

Team Coaching Masterclass

This master class explores the under‐researched and examined area of team coaching outside of sport. Team coaching at work is frequently confused with team facilitation or team building and there is no significant body of published good practice to draw upon.

No dates available

Train the Trainer - Mentoring Training

We can train your team to deliver our standard mentoring materials and grow your capability from within.

No dates available

Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching enables coachees to create fundamental shifts in the way they work, through transforming their way of thinking, feeling and behaving in relation to others. This two day workshop will offer a chance for participants to work on developing these skills and exploring how this way of coaching might be useful in their current coaching practice.

No dates available

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