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Climate Change & Sustainability Training

Climate Change & Sustainability

Understanding a Sustainability Report

1 day

Whereas financial reporting looks at historical business performance, Sustainability Reports are increasingly being used as indicators for the direction and positioning of a business in its future development. The ability to effectively understand sustainability reports is becoming of greater importance to those investing in equities, commodities or directly in companies themselves. It is also of considerable importance to a wide range of stakeholders, from consumers, to regulators, to non-governmental organisations and the communities in which the business operates.

Conscious of the potential that exists for spin in this area, this course is designed to give you the skills to interpret sustainability reporting and to analyse the impacts of risks on investment decisions, and separate the spinners from the winners.

You should be attending this course IF:
You regularly read annual reports with a view to investment.


Want to be able to make intelligent informed decisions based on fact not 'spin' on which companies have a competitively better position for future legislation and social economic and environmental drivers.


If you are concerned with reducing your investment risks (or those of clients). 

Course Objectives

  • Separate facts from spin in sustainability reporting
  • Identify how sustainability reports can look forward in time, where financial reports look backwards in time
  • Identify how sustainability criteria effect investment decisions
  • Outline how sustainability reports are produced, verified and communicated to the markets
  • Identify and describe areas of risks to investments that can be found in sustainability reporting
  • Analyse the impacts of the risks on investment decisions

Course Agenda

9.00-9.30  Meet and greet
9.30-10.00  Introductions and Agenda
10.00-10.45 Sustainability reporting in context

10.45-11.00 BREAK

11.00-12.00 A Sustainability report – the basic elements
12.00-13.00 How Sustainability reports get produced – what to look for

13.00-13.45 LUNCH

13.45-15.00 Sustainability Reporting – Assurance to decision makers – facts vs spin
15.00-15.30 Workshop – Part 1 –Analyse a report

  • Boundary and Scope

15.30-15.45 BREAK

15.45-16.30 Workshop – Part 2 –Analyse a report

  • Reporting Criteria and Statistics

16.30-17.00 Sustainability Reporting and areas of Investment risk
17.00-17.30 Q&A and course Evaluation

Business Needs

Sustainability, Sustainability Reporting, Investment risk, Finance, Regulatory, Compliance, Carbon Reporting, Energy, Verification, Environmental Reporting, Corporate Social Responibilty

Knowledge Level

This course is aimed at Senior Management/Directors, it is recommended therefore, that your understanding of the finance industry is sufficiently consummate.
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