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Climate Change & Sustainability Training

Climate Change & Sustainability

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Protocols, Inventory and Verification

3 day

Upon completion of the three-day intensive training, you will gain knowledge and insights into how these developments impact your current operations, your near-term obligations, your long-term risks, and  how you need to anticipate and formulate responses.  

you will understand the requirements of various GHG programs and develop an appreciation of how they impact your organization and activities.  Further, you will have the knowledge and skill to construct a GHG inventory management system from identifying requirements, setting boundaries, developing inventory, conducting verification, to final reporting and disclosure. 

Course Outline:


  • Climate Change Policies in Context
  • Summary of Legal and Regulatory Landscape Governing GHG Emissions in North America
  • GHG Inventory
  • GHG Reporting
  • GHG Verification
  • Emerging Supply Chain Requirements
  • GHG Management - How Do You Position and Response?


  • GHG Reporting Principles
  • Reporting Entities
  • Defining the Boundaries
  • Scope of GHG Management Systems
  • The Gases
  • GHG Programs and Inventory
  • Emissions Sources
  • Industry Sectors
  • Writing Emissions Reports
  • Reading and Interpreting Emissions Reports


  • Verification 1 - The Assurance Engagement
  • Verification 2 - Planning a Verification
  • Verification 3 - Conducting a Verification
  • Verification 4 - Evaluating and Reporting Verification Findings
  • Prepare for an External Verification
  • Uncertainty
  • Materiality
  • Assurance
  • Carbon Markets
  • GHG Inventory and Financial Reporting - Carbon Disclosure vs. Carbon Accounting
  • Course Dates & Locations

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