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Climate Change & Sustainability Training

Climate Change & Sustainability

GHG Training Program for Reporters and Advisors

4 day

The skill-set needed  by organisations and their professional advisers to prepare GHG Inventories and design reporting systems capable  of independent assessment requires a systems-wide approach, necessitating a range of skills including a broad understanding of accounting, engineering, process chemistry and contracts management principles, management systems  structures, data management and more.

This program is modelled on the training provided under the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Verifiers  Accreditation program, offered by Future Perfect, and is designed to explore both the reporting requirements necessary for GHG Inventory preparation and data reporting, and also the expectations and requirements for verification. Future Perfect Ltd, a leading international provider of GHG verification training, will provide this training, drawing on their extensive practical experience of designing and delivering GHG verification for a number of regulatory and voluntary programs, both in the US and in Europe.

The objective of this course is to ensure that Reporters and Advisors have the required knowledge, understanding and skills to develop robust GHG Reporting Systems that are capable of delivering data suitable for independent verification to a “high level” of assurance, and are aware of and can manage all relevant potential risks and liabilities.
Course participants can apply knowledge gained in this course, coupled with the basic underlying principles explored, to the preparation of Emissions Reports for the purpose of a wide range of GHG accounting programs, both regulatory and voluntary.
For individuals new to GHG  management, this course also serves as a preparation for understanding the requirements mandatory GHG reporting program, using the California Regulations as an example. Learning will cover objectives in key areas of awareness, knowledge and skills.

The key skills to be acquired include:

  • Understand the broad requirements for GHG Reporting in general, and guidance, any related state/federal legal requirements and associated guidance, relevant national and international standards, and installation/ operator Monitoring and Reporting Plans 
  • Understand the requirement for quality and robustness in accounting, monitoring and reporting systems, eg measurement systems, CEMS and laboratory processes
  • Preparation of reported emissions data and information on the basis of robust data accounting, data management and internal controls and information management & security systems/process

Course Objectives

The key awareness objectives include:

  • Understand the GHG reporting and verification mechanisms including key roles; and demonstrate an understanding of the importance of third party review in protecting the environmental integrity of the reported emissions, the CARB program and potential future policies or programs based upon reported data, including Federal EPA, will be explored
  • Describe relevant protocols, guidance and supporting criteria
  • Describe the implications of relevant International (ISO), USA (ASTM etc) and other standards of relevance to GHG accounting

The key knowledge objectives include:

  • Describe the purpose of Emissions Accounting in general, and the CARB program in particular
  • Describe the steps necessary to prepare a robust GHG Inventory
  • Review the components of an effective GHG data management and reporting system
  • Describe the quality assurance and quality control requirements needed for high levels of control over inventory accounting and reporting processes
  • Explain the means of complying with the GHG Program requirements including the preparation and implementation of high calibre, verifiable monitoring plans
  • Explain how to prepare GHG Reports that are suitable for successful independent verification and review  
  • Explore the verification process

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