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Our ability and experience of evaluating a clients learning and development needs across a wide range of commercial sectors enables us to bring a fresh, agile and flexible approach to the analysis, design and delivery and evaluation of bespoke training programmes.

Bespoke training is known to save time and if designed and evaluated well can save our clients a deal of money on a number of levels as well as enhance the learning experience and ability of those attending to focus their learning to ensure that issues are dealt with in a timely manner. Bespoke learning has the added advantage of incorporating a client’s cultural and corporate needs and requirements when they make a change to their equipment, processes, services or people.

Our partnership approach to developing Bespoke learning solutions ensure that we work with you throughout the programme to transfer the skills and knowledge gains from the programme to our clients that ensure you are self sufficient and confident to proceed without our support. We will ensure that we address your specific objectives - we realise that different organisations have different needs; we involve our clients in every step of the learning process to ensure that we exceed our client’s expectations.

Customer Experience

Case Study

A Bank with a strong desire to change their customers’ experience from generic service to full engagement.


A purpose-built Customer Experience programme designed alongside the Bank’s Leaders and delivered by their Area Management Team.

  • Research in various branch locations
  • Recommendations on how to change staff and buyers’ perception
  • Programme designed jointly with a Business Leader to ensure consistency with the Bank’s principles and strategies
  • Pilot initially delivered by the PMC team to a single branch
  • Train the Trainer – It was agreed that ownership by the Leadership Team was paramount to the success of the pilot. Area Managers were trained to: understand the programme; deliver the programme; demonstrate and coach the skills required
  • The Customer Experience programme was delivered to the full branch network


  • A substantial lift in customer perception of the experience received
  • Staff who enjoyed working in this new engaging formula
  • Significant increases in leads generated and sales made


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