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Our ability and experience of evaluating a clients learning and development needs across a wide range of commercial sectors enables us to bring a fresh, agile and flexible approach to the analysis, design and delivery and evaluation of bespoke training programmes.

Bespoke training is known to save time and if designed and evaluated well can save our clients a deal of money on a number of levels as well as enhance the learning experience and ability of those attending to focus their learning to ensure that issues are dealt with in a timely manner. Bespoke learning has the added advantage of incorporating a client’s cultural and corporate needs and requirements when they make a change to their equipment, processes, services or people.

Our partnership approach to developing Bespoke learning solutions ensure that we work with you throughout the programme to transfer the skills and knowledge gains from the programme to our clients that ensure you are self sufficient and confident to proceed without our support. We will ensure that we address your specific objectives - we realise that different organisations have different needs; we involve our clients in every step of the learning process to ensure that we exceed our client’s expectations.

Customer Experience

Case Study

A Bank with a strong desire to change their customers’ experience from generic service to full engagement.


A purpose-built Customer Experience programme designed alongside the Bank’s Leaders and delivered by their Area Management Team.

  • Research in various branch locations
  • Recommendations on how to change staff and buyers’ perception
  • Programme designed jointly with a Business Leader to ensure consistency with the Bank’s principles and strategies
  • Pilot initially delivered by the PMC team to a single branch
  • Train the Trainer – It was agreed that ownership by the Leadership Team was paramount to the success of the pilot. Area Managers were trained to: understand the programme; deliver the programme; demonstrate and coach the skills required
  • The Customer Experience programme was delivered to the full branch network


  • A substantial lift in customer perception of the experience received
  • Staff who enjoyed working in this new engaging formula
  • Significant increases in leads generated and sales made


Bespoke Training Courses

An introduction to delivering great customer service

This introductory course is for frontline staff, who have had little or no formal training, or need a refresher who are in direct contact with either internal or external customers, and are required to manage a range of customer expectations.

Course Objectives:

  • Examine the effects of good and bad customer service on your customer.
  • Understand your personal impact on customers.
  • Manage customer expectations and demands effectively.
  • Deliver a first class customer experience within a range of different situations.
  • Understand what it is that you need to change in your behaviours to ensure that you deliver great service

No dates available

Communicating with Confidence

This workshop is aimed at staff who need to enhance and build customer relationships both internally and externally through improved communication techniques.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify their own communication preferences, styles and that of others
  • Develop instant rapport building techniques
  • Identify the types of questions needed to be asked to communicate more effectively
  • Understand the implication of body language
  • Communicate confidently
  • Identify the reactions of others during communication
  • “Click” with more people more of the time

No dates available

Customer Service in your organisation

This workshop is aimed at staff that have been working in a service industry for a period of time and would like to enhance and develop their skills and behaviours to delivering great service. The course can also act as a refresher.

Course Objectives:

  • Define what great service is
  • Explore and understand what has happened in the customer service arena over the past decades
  • Define what service could look like in your organisation.
  • Understand what it is that the customer really needs.
  • Be able to articulate what the customer service cycle looks like in your organisation.
  • Be able to identify where the problem areas are within your organisation.
  • Put a plan in place to correct those errors

No dates available

Introduction to Access Version 2003

To give you a full understanding of Microsoft Access.  A practical “hands-on” course that enables you to use all of the Microsoft Access tools.

No dates available

Introduction to Microsoft Excel Version 2003

Our training course is designed to let users get to grips with the main features of Microsoft Excel.
A “Hands On” course with learning through practical experience. This programme enables you to design, enter data and format your own Spreadsheets.

No dates available

Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint Version 2003

A programme designed to enable the delegate to benefit from the varied applications and advantages of Microsoft PowerPoint, to understand its concept and adaptability.

No dates available

Strategic & Dynamic Investment Management

A programme aimed at those working in asset management,   private banking and wealth management, brokerage and investment products, relationship management, retail banking, and back-office and support.

The programme covers: 

  • A strategic analysis of the sources of risk in asset management, and the available risk control measures and procedures that can be used when managing risk in investment portfolios
  • A practical view on the value and the use of Modern and Post Modern Portfolio Theory, the Capital Asset Pricing Model, and the Arbitration Pricing Theory, in order to determine required returns and measure risk adjusted performance
  • A deep look into economic cycles and the economic indicators used when conducting strategic asset allocation under different economic scenarios
  • An in-depth case study on Emerging Markets which will provide delegates with the necessary tools to manage risks and construct efficient investment strategies when managing investments in these markets
  • A detailed analysis of the different management styles and strategies used in portfolio management, and in portfolio rebalancing techniques in order to meet the client’s objectives and changing needs
  • The benefits and risks of alternative investment vehicles such as Exchange Traded Funds, Hedge Funds, Specialty Funds, Private Equity, and different types of Structured Products, used to differentiate the product offering from competitors and enhance the returns in the client’s portfolio

The programme includes case studies, practical exercises, and group discussion on the topics mentioned above. All practical cases can be adapted to satisfy the client’s training objectives, priorities, and needs.

No dates available

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